An outline specification is a written document expanding a Project Prospectus (MasterPP©) or a checklist, and used during the early to mid-stages of design but prior to the more complete specification sections being developed.

An outline (or summary) specification can follow the development of a PP. When primary PP decisions are made, OutlineSPEC© expands and elaborates on those decisions and records them for all to share.

• A design and product selection tool for producing a brief project specification.

• 77 sections including all architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines.

• Can be used as a basis for establishing a `scope document' for management or fast-track contracts.

• OutlineSPEC© section titles are analogous to the PP subject list of sections

• MasterPP© is organized by `elements'; as an extension of that concept, OutlineSPEC© is organized by locating `functions' and `objects' within the 49 MasterFormat divisions.

• OutlineSPEC© can be considered the basis for detailed project costing and budgeting.

• OutlineSPEC© sections can be considered as `connecting' a PP to a mid-size (MiniSPEC™) or a full-size specification subsystem such as CMS©.

• A standardized presentation of information specifically oriented to integrate with other SpecSUITE© products.


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