HomeSPEC©  is a small-sized master specification that has been developed specifically to address residential requirements.  Introduced in 2004, there are none like it!

• Principal building framing is based on either wood lumber or light-gauge metal materials.

• Specification sections address most of the commonly used products for residential facilities.

• Most specifications sections are from 1 to 3 pages long.

• Consists of approximately 38 master specification sections ranging from foundation and framing to most construction subjects associated with residential facilities.

• Abbreviated technical subject coverage within an integrated master subsystem to ensure a concise project specification document - yet text is enforceable if needed.

• Encompasses specification section subjects of varying complexity, but expressed in a concise format.

• Can be supplemented with other SpecSUITE© specifications such as MiniSPEC© and OutlineSPEC© on the same project.

• Easily be integrated with other SpecSUITE libraries such as OutlineSPEC and MiniSPEC© on the same project. This offers a dynamic and natural approach to decision making and the development of any project specification.

• Can be used for many public or private sector project. CMS has been used and accepted on federal, provincial, and territorial government projects - when edited in a non-proprietary context.

• Editing is made much easier and quicker using Digicon’s SpecMacros© macro (computer “mini” program) utilities.


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