Brian Colgan, RSW, LEED AP

Associate, WHW Architects, Halifax, NS
President (2009/2010), Construction Specifications Canada

I am currently CSC National President and an Associate/Specification Writer/Project Manager of WHW Architects in Halifax; an architectural firm in Halifax Nova Scotia with approximately 65 employees.  I have known both Wayne and David Watson for a number of years.  I recall going to hear Wayne lecture on Building Envelope and Specification Writing in the 1970’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia; so between David and Wayne, Digicon certainly does have a history.  Like many large firms, we look forward to BIM, consequently the majority of projects are all done in REVIT, a 3D model base system, along with our consultants (structural/mechanical/electrical)

We are also looking at strengthening our specification system.  We looked at various providers, and wanted an open platform system that would be up to date and flexible enough to handle the upcoming change in the future. David Watson presented a seminar on BIM specifications; I was truly impressed, as it had options to give the Designer & Specification Writer full control of the first run through of editing the specification.  We chose the CMS through Digicon to use as our base specification system and plan to modify to our office master, and look forward to utilizing Digicon as we move toward BIM.

The support and technology that David and his group offer at Digicon is unparalleled and second to none.  I have no problem in supporting his firm.  They have a unique ability to relate to the past due to the number of years in experience and also to look into the future with the world that is constantly changing around us.

Mark Varley

IMS Manager, Acciona Infrastructures Canada Inc., Vancouver, BC

Wow – you gentlemen are at the top when it comes to construction specifications and [support] turnaround.  Very impressive and undoubtedly key to your observed success with Digicon and Spex.   Your kind assistance is most gratefully acknowledged.