Commercial Master Specifications

Digicon develops and publishes five (5) varieties of master specifications and design documentation templates collectively referred to as "SpecSUITE".   SpecSuite consists of the Canadian Master Specification (CMS),   MiniSPEC, OutlineSPEC, Master Prospectus, and HomeSPEC.  The master specifications can be purchased singularly or as the complete "SpecSUITE" package, available from  The following information is a brief summary of our master specifications.  For more detailed information, refer to the next tabs on the left.

Canadian Master Specification (CMS)

The most comprehensive master specification product, and the foundation document from which the other master specifications were developed, many of the features available in the CMS are common to all SpecSUITE products.


MiniSPEC is a mid-sized master specification system, oriented to small and medium sized construction.

Master Prospectus

MasterProspectus is a project prospectus (PP), a document describing project specific information in a comprehensive yet abstract form.


An outline specification is a written document expanding a Project Prospectus (derived from MasterProspectus©) or a checklist, and used during the early to mid-stages of design but prior to the more complete specification sections being developed.


A small-sized master specification, oriented to residential construction projects.

National Master Specification (NMS) / Devis directeur national (DDN)

A commercial master specification, maintained by the National Research Council (NRC) for public and private construction projects.


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Automating Software


Don't forget our automating software designed to be used in Word or WordPerfect. Specifically designed to automate the development of CMS and its derivatives.

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Be right at the forefront of the commercial construction industry.  Use BIMdrive with a CMS specification for your general master or your office specification.  Using another master?  Talk to us about meeting these special needs as well.


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