Master Prospectus is a project prospectus (PP): a document describing project specific information in a comprehensive yet abstract form. No such master document of this type exists in North America today - until now. Our Master Prospectus:

• identifies project requirements at the very early schematic and design development stages,

• is a form of checklist identifying information to acquire and to stimulate questions to be asked,

• prompts intelligence gathering,

• assists information and project specific issues decision making,

• is intended to be used to prompt, record, and share project information and decisions being made,

• works best when it precedes the development of an outline specification or a fuller-form specification.

is the first project specific document to prompt design team members to consider and elicit project planning and design decisions. A PP serves to prompt design team participants to consider a range of related project subjects and present them in a global context.

MasterProspectus© content offers:

• requirements for intended occupied spaces,

• a checklist of planning and design parameters,

• presents applicable code and regulations criteria for a typical project,

• facility structural design factors expressed as performance criteria,

• interior environment design determinants expressed as required criteria,

• a listing of elements that establish a project's principal constructed assemblies.


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