MiniSPEC™ was first introduced in 1985, and became the trend setting specification package for this category of master specification systems; none other like it! Based on the CMS, MiniSPEC is a mid-sized master specification system, oriented to small and medium sized construction with approximately 150 master specification sections ranging from "front end" documents, and Division 1 to Division 49.

· Bid and contract document model forms, supporting CCDC standard forms in most instances.

· Medium and broad technical subject coverage within an integrated master subsystem.

· Encompasses specification subjects of varying complexity from product only sections, to function oriented sections, to location specific sections.

· Written in prescriptive, proprietary, and performance terms.

· Section content varies from new construction, to certain aspects of renovation, to project take-over and commissioning.

· integrates seamlessly with other SpecSUITE© products.


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