Digicon specializes in development of 3-part specifications designed to assist manufacturers to be properly specified as base-bid products on projects, as well as developing supporting technical literature.  To assist in the distribution of these documents to Digicon's architectural and engineering customers, the BrandedSPEC program was created.

BrandedSPEC - Quality Proprietary Literature - Now Available in French and English!!!!!!

BrandedSPEC is a collection of proprietary product descriptions, specifications, and MSDS sheets. The specifications are offered in a common format compatible with Spex.ca specifications and editing software. Product Descriptions are provided to ProductFormat standards, which complement the specifications.

Manufacturers:  Product descriptions and specifications are a significant addition to your toolbox.  Written to all industry standards the product descriptions significantly affect the time required to make decisions regarding the use of a product and to develop a product specification for Project Manuals, that have the potential to position you as a leading contender for product use. Once developed for your marketing needs  we place them on our website for use by design consultants and specifiers at no cost to them.  Our Seal assures that they meet our standards which includes a review approximately every 4 years.

Design Consultants and Specifiers:

Look for the Digicon SEAL
which provides assurance that the literature meets industry consensus standards at the time of writing. Product specifications can be "branded" with our seal annually.

Ask for the Digicon Seal
, If you do not see if.

Tell the manufacturer of its importance to you


BrandedSPEC Overview of Benefits

Questions?   Contact David Watson 780-758-4147, 800-610-7732
Email:  david@digicon.ab.ca



Place your BrandedSPEC's on your website and in BIMdrive.  Be sure they are available to specifiers from the conceptual stage of project development until the final product is chosen by the contractor and the final end user - the project manager after commissioning.


Product Specifications Powerpoint

This 13-slide (PDF) presentation explains to manufacturers the importance of good proprietary specifications to their marketing efforts.


Digicon SealLook for our Seal

All BrandedSPEC's receive our Seal that reassures specifiers that the information is complete, current, and follows all industry standards in the year written which is located on the Seal.