Digicon is known throughout the North American commercial construction industry as the pre-eminent provider of quality construction documents and the company's ability to introduce customers to new construction technology and building methods.  Excellence in up-to-date document tempates, modern software tools, and consulting services is predicated on adherence to standards of practice, timely services, and ensuring that the needs of clients are paramount.

To achieve this vision, Digicon is committed to:


Be a Leader:

* in document development in North America and internationally by practising our services using the same tools we sell.

* by actively participating in North American and international organizations committed to excellence in document development in the commercial construction industry.


Develop High Quality Documents: with an emphasis on specification content and associated software development, that adhere to standards of practice throughout North America.


Ensure Customers come First: by providing timely, professional services in document development and associated activities.


Support Research: by conducting research and development methods that increase construction project efficiency.